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Energy-Efficiency Portfolio Wide

Ultimately, the reasons for companies to invest in their portfolio through retrofitting or replacing inefficient equipment with more efficient parts or equipment condenses down to two goals:

  • Social interests: environmental issues and resource conservation
  • Economic interests: to reduce energy costs and lower utility bills

For companies with a diverse portfolio of property holdings, what retrofits can do on both an individual property appeal level but also an overall portfolio boosting perspective deserves a closer look. Here a few things to consider.

Operational Costs

Operationally speaking, energy efficient implementation outcomes are all beneficial for the consumer. Operational costs are reduced at each individual property. In some cases, when a “greener” more energy efficient product is used, there is an increase in revenue. This is due to attracting consumers that want to utilize more energy efficient products and interact with companies with similar values.
Energy efficient implementation can also be extremely beneficial to large market segments like warehouses, processing plants, commercial property, large residential properties, parking structures and similar businesses that use large amounts of energy. Small changes to multiple properties like these can add up to huge overall portfolio savings.

Carbon Footprint

One of the facts of doing business is trying to balance the realities of operating benefits with the cost of doing business. The cost of doing business can sometimes negatively affect the environment, as is the case with energy consumption and its relationship to the planet. As society progresses in its knowledge of environmental impact, reducing energy consumption is is becoming more and more viable as a way to conserve natural resources and reduce those negative environmental impacts. More and more companies will have to start “thinking greener” in order to ensure the longevity of their portfolio and in effect our precious planet.

Quality of Life

One aspect of energy retrofitting that companies may often overlook is the direct impact this switch could have on their employees or tenants. Working in natural or well-lit areas actually contributes to better performance and productivity. Even comfortable temperatures can affect how well people functions at work or home. Improving the lighting or HVAC system in your properties could lead to better job performance for employees or attract new tenants to properties that may be lagging in occupancy.

Some energy-wasting systems that you may have overlooked include: lighting, daylighting, gas, electricity, HVAC, ventilation, thermostat controls, revolving doors. Making updates to these systems will provide benefits across your portfolio of properties. For assistance in navigating the waters of energy-efficiency upgrades, please reach out to us at or 855.581.6464.

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