The Clean-Energy Revolution

The clean-energy revolution is here with the 2017 New Year! A sustainable, clean-energy future for America has been the goal of the federal government and industry alike over the last few decades. With many long-term investments made in support of the development of clean-energy technologies, that future has finally arrived. There has been great anticipation … Read more

LED Quality Vs. Efficiency

Led Lightbulbs to showcase quality products

The buzz of modern lighting is wrapped up in “efficiency”. However, with a rush to create energy-efficient products, some LEDs are taking a hit in quality. While there have been great technological strides that have made LEDs the most energy efficient lighting available, some manufacturers have been too narrowly focused on meeting EnergyStar and DLC efficiency standards. … Read more

Lighting Energy Efficiency Awards in Parking – 2016 Results

Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking Award

The Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Awards have been announced for 2016! With awards of excellence given from Highest Annual Savings in Single Parking Lot Retrofit, to Best Use of Lighting Controls, the LEEP Campaign is one of a kind; “It is a recognition of saving opportunities for high-efficiency lighting solutions in parking facilities.” … Read more

Better Tenant – Property Management Relationships

Positive Tenant - Property Managment Relationships

Tenant – Property Manager Relationships are too important to overlook. Healthy tenant – property management relationships are crucial in preventing customer turnover for multifamily housing developments. An average of 55% of current property managers actively try to minimize customer turnover, according to Current Population Reports from the Census Bureau. While there is a percentage of … Read more

Monterey Energy Recognized by CA Senator Connie Leyva and California Disability Services Association

On Thursday, October 6th, Monterey Energy and FSC Lighting were recognized by California Senator Connie Leyva, and the California Disability Services Association. The award presented to Monterey Energy was for the pro-bono install of an upgraded lighting system in the workspaces of Pomona Valley Workshop. The materials for the project were donated by FSC Lighting. Pomona Valley Workshop … Read more