2017 Updates for Southern California Edison’s Multifamily Rebate Program

So Cal Edisons Rebate Program reduces the cost of investing in energy efficient products.

Southern California Edison’s rebate program is a comprehensive cost savings program that allows their customers to install energy efficient upgrades at little or no cost to the consumer. Their no-cost program includes qualified lighting, faucet aerators and low flow shower heads. These upgrades are easy first step options and can lower the cost of energy … Read more

Energy Efficient Solutions to Light Pollution

Reducing Light Pollution can be accomplished with better designed streetlights

As the world’s population grows, unfortunately so does the output of light pollution. Light pollution is defined as, “the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light.” The problem of light pollution affects the environment around us, including plants and animals. Often times, light pollution distracts from or completely inhibits our ability to see the stars … Read more

The Clean-Energy Revolution

The clean-energy revolution is here with the 2017 New Year! A sustainable, clean-energy future for America has been the goal of the federal government and industry alike over the last few decades. With many long-term investments made in support of the development of clean-energy technologies, that future has finally arrived. There has been great anticipation … Read more