Emotive Lighting on Building Facade with LED Lights

Emotive Lighting with LEDs

LEDs Are More Than Just Energy Efficient

The use of LED lighting in architecture is becoming increasingly prevalent in creating “emotive lighting”. Cities across the world are now turning to LED’s as an architectural design element in an effort to add light, energy, beauty and commerce “at the flick of a switch,”. Cities like New York and London are commissioning projects to light bridges with LED’s. Not only will the lights illuminate city pathways but it will also give cities the opportunity to responsively illuminate events.

Emotive Lighting in Urban Areas

Artists and architects have been commissioned to use LED’s as a way of expressing a cities “emotions,”. This design concept has been dubbed “emotive lighting”. The goal is to be able to use structures lit in unique and colorful ways to not only emphasize holidays but also national events or world wide shows of solidarity, like in the aftermath of the Paris attack when landmarks around the world reflected Le Tricolor, mimicking the colors of the Parisian flag.

Technological Advances

To be able to easily configure the LED’s in specific patterns and colors will enable any city to manipulate and showcase any event. Upgrades to technology in fiber optics and cloud-based capabilities make it easier than ever to orchestrate complicated patterns across tens of thousands of LED’s. LED’s can be easily incorporated as a design element on a bridge or building and because of their versatility can be changed to depict images or lighting schemes depending on the holiday, city event, or in the event of an emergency.

As infrastructure across America is updated, the incorporation of LED’s is inevitable as a way to upgrade lighting systems in an energy efficient and design friendly way. LED’s are a low cost way to add high impact. More and more cities across the globe turn to LED’s to upgrade their cities look and improve upon their overall appeal. With the flick of a switch, cities can improve tourism and excite residents with light shows and LED illumination on walkways and bridges.

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