LED Quality Vs. Efficiency

Led Lightbulbs to showcase quality products

The buzz of modern lighting is wrapped up in “efficiency”. However, with a rush to create energy-efficient products, some LEDs are taking a hit in quality. While there have been great technological strides that have made LEDs the most energy efficient lighting available, some manufacturers have been too narrowly focused on meeting EnergyStar and DLC efficiency standards. … Read more

Improving Parking for Financial Gain

Lighting can improve the parking experience for your customers

Parking is essential to the success of any facility. Parking that is difficult to reach, feels unsafe, or is simply unavailable has a negative impact on a facility’s attractiveness. This is especially true in consumer based locations such as shopping and entertainment centers. Upgrading your lighting system can improve the experience of parking–both for customers … Read more

2016 Title 24 Revisions: Four Major Highlights

Lighting in California is continuing to evolve with Title 24 changes

Title 24 Revisions Released On July 1st, 2016 the California Building Standards Commission released the newest Building Standards Code for California, more commonly known as Title 24. Of particular interest to the lighting industry are the revisions made to Part 6, the California Energy Code. This code affects new and alteration building projects and is … Read more

The Difference Between Safety and Security in Lighting

Safety and Security lighting

Lighting design is a refined skill that requires an understanding of many different factors. Considerations include finding fixtures which integrate well with facility architecture, to ensuring lamp temperatures are correct for the environment in which they are installed, and a myriad of other items depending on a facility’s needs. Two of the most important items … Read more

Monterey Energy Announces Lunabrick Tech Partnership

Monterey Energy is proud to announce a new partnership with budding lunaspace engineering company, Lunabrick Technologies. The two companies will be working on an extensive project over the next two years to improve the lumen output of the earth’s largest night-time light source. “This is a very exciting project for us,” says Clark Longhurst, President of … Read more