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Tech Trends in Collegiate Housing

With the population of most collegiate housing units becoming more and more tech-savvy, residence halls and multifamily housing property owners are incorporating more and more technical upgrades into their housing construction.

IoT & Collegiate Housing

The biggest trend in collegiate housing is increasing online accessibility to basic services provided by management. This includes being able to pay rent online, taking virtual tours of living spaces, or networking with others living in the same community.

Ultimately, complete wireless integration for collegiate and multifamily housing would mean linking lighting, air, virtual touring or inspection services, utilities, and more. These upgrades and new amenity options not only attract tenants but allow for greater user ease for both them and property managers.

Here are some of the emerging trends in student housing:


Continuing to be on the cutting-edge of lighting and lighting controls, Monterey Energy is fully versed in the design and implementation of wireless lighting controls. These products allow users to adjust their living space remotely. These intelligent building solutions provide customized lighting solutions based on how much daylight flows into the room, whether or not the room is being occupied and also adjusts specifically to users needs based on how much light they would like to utilize at any given time. For property managers, they also provide detailed analytical data about when and where lights are being used.


Perhaps one of the most important concerns for collegiate housing is the issue of security. Advancements in this area have brought about the implementation of new electronic locking systems. This new technology makes it possible to unlock doors by sending a signal from a mobile phone. A recent study done by Arizona State University revealed that almost 90 percent of students said they wanted to be able to use their smartphones as “virtual keys” to unlock doors on campus.


Cashless student laundry machines allow users to load money via a debit or credit card instead of quarters, they are connected wireless to WaveVision. This system shows students the status of washers and dryers from their computer or mobile phone. Students can also register to receive a text message when this machine is available or when their clothes are done drying.


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