A Once in a Lifetime Lighting Product

Businesses don’t often come across a product that could have such a huge positive impact. LED”s combine cost savings potential with increased safety and security for customers, as well as having a significant positive environmental impact.

Parking lots and structures can be scary, dank, dirty places. But they don’t have to be. With the help of LED lights, parking can be an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.

Places like airports and shopping malls waste millions of dollars every year on unnecessary energy costs towards poor lighting. Replacing conventional lighting in parking lots and structures can increase illumination and uniformity for better safety.

Conventional parking lights consume anywhere from 150-250 watts, while replacement LED’s can consume as little as 27 watts. That wattage savings translates to a huge cost savings impact, for simply replacing the lightbulbs. Environmentally speaking, energy savings has positive impacts on carbon output.

The long-lasting fixtures will also allow additional maintenance savings with fewer lamp replacements, reducing labor and material costs.

Replacing inefficient fixtures with LED alternatives is one of the most practical solutions to save energy, reduce costs and lower carbon dioxide emission, while improving lighting performance.

An improved customer experience is an additional factor to consider when considering replacement lighting options. When customers feel safe and secure in dark parking areas, they are more likely to have a positive experience and return time after time. With a potential for reduced crime in buildings associated with your property, customers can shop later in the evening, or walk to their car carrying a load of bags late at night, adrenaline free.

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