Investing In Our Community at Pomona Valley Workshop

Monterey Energy recently had the opportunity and honor of partnering with local lighting manufacturer, FSC Lighting, to retrofit the Pomona Valley Workshop buildings and work areas. Pomona Valley Workshop is a local organization dedicated to assisting adults with developmental disabilities in engaging with the community and gaining a higher level of self sufficiency through their … Read more

Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Exterior Lighting for Parking Lots & Structures

Outdoor lighting systems attract visitors with a brighter, cleaner and safer environment. By replacing older, inefficient systems with new well designed lighting solutions, you can significantly reduce your utility bills, enjoy sizable maintenance savings, and increase traffic to your location. On average, Monterey customers obtain energy savings of 50% and project payback period of less than two years with utility rebates.

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Product Spotlight: Demand Response

Energy Management with Monterey and REGEN Energy

In an effort to avoid outages and rolling blackouts now and in the future, utility companies are offering a wide variety of demand response programs to help customers temporarily reduce their energy usage during peak times and lower electricity costs. Combining a demand response strategy with other energy efficiency solutions can significantly reduce your overall electricity usage and lowers operating costs. Using an Energy Management platform and controller, you can dramatically reduce peak electrical demand by up to 30% in commercial and light industrial properties.

Recently, Monterey Energy entered into an Authorized Dealer Agreement with REGEN Energy, a technology company which is transforming the energy efficiency landscape throughout the US and Canada. REGEN developed a sophisticated new energy management technology based on a concept called swarm logic.

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Group Relamping

Save Time and Money with Group Relamping

Group relamping is one of the simplest ways to save on your utility bill and maintenance costs. With group relamping, all the lamps in a facility or given area are replaced at a scheduled time – typically every 3-5 yearly depending on projected lamp life and lumen depreciation. While spot relamping (one-by-one, as lamps burn out) is an alternative approach, it can be up to five times more expensive than relamping on a regular basis and, it does not offer the efficient utilization of maintenance labor like a group relamp will.

This method is actually the most effective and lowest cost approach. The advantages of group relamping include:

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Save Energy with LED Signs

Retrofitting High Maintenance Neon Signs Whether you’re looking to update your existing neon signs or install new signage at your location, there is an option other than energy-hungry and maintenance-heavy neon. LED signs are a great, eye-catching, budget-friendly way to attract customers. While the initial price for both LED and Neon signs are about the … Read more

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy

PACE Financing legislation has now been passed in 28 states and the District of Columbia. PACE, short for Property Assessed Clean Energy, effectively allows property owners to borrow money from a local government to pay for renewable energy and/or energy-efficiency improvements. The amount borrowed is typically repaid via a special assessment on property taxes. In addition to reducing the upfront costs of renewable energy and/or energy efficiency improvements, PACE financing allows the cost of building improvements to be linked to the property. If a property owner participating in a PACE program sells the property, then the repayment obligation will legally transfer with the property.

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Energy Star Benchmarking

Energy Star / AB1103

ENERGY STAR, a joint program

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of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has stepped in as the primary vehicle for this collection and reporting of energy efficiency information. Through its “Portfolio Manager” tool, a building owner is able to generate weather-normalized energy intensity (kBtu/sq. ft.) and greenhouse gas emissions metrics for all buildings, as well as a percentile energy performance score for many eligible building types.

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