Stepping Out for a Cure to Diabetes

Father and Son Medals from the Step Out Walk to Stop DiabetesOn November 18th, 2017, Monterey Energy was proud to participate in the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes.

In addition to those who walked five kilometers of Fairmont Park in downtown Riverside, California, the Monterey Corporation team also fundraised through other in-office activities like hot dog parties, bingo games, and quiet, hand delivered donations.

Melanie Jones, the in-office organizer and Monterey Energy human resource administrator, thanked the team for “[making] it possible to surpass our fundraising goal for the 2017 American Diabetes Association’s Walk to Stop Diabetes…we actually raised over $800 for this noble cause.”

The Monterey Corporation team was listed as one of the ‘Top Company Teams‘ on the American Diabetes Association’s website.

If you would like to donate to Stop Diabetes, you can do so here.

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