GE Energy Savings Project


Over the past 130 years, GE has been a leader in a plethora of industries, including the development of quality lighting products and solutions that help clients maximize efficiency and maintain productivity. Throughout their history, GE has strived to capitalize on opportunities for enhancement, efficiency, and, ultimately, competitive advantage. As such, a relamping project was high on the list for GE’s Southern California Distribution Center.

Plant leader Dennis Eaton reviewed his facility and discovered that lighting at the warehouse needed improvement, especially during the second shift. After a thorough review process, Eaton selected Monterey Energy to design and implement a new energy-efficient lighting system. Monterey Energy identified that existing metal halide lamps in GE’s 300,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center were costing the company an estimated $163,000 per year. By replacing the old lighting with new, energy-efficient and state-of-the-art GE high bay fixtures and ballasts, Monterey Energy estimated GE could cut that number to under $53,000 annually. “It was a no-brainer to decide to improve the quality of lighting for our employees to create a more productive environment, reduce costs, and go green,” explains Eaton.

To provide maximum energy savings in GE’s warehouse without sacrificing lumen output, Monterey Energy installed GE UltraStart® WattMiser® T5 High Output (T5HO) ballast systems and fluorescent highbay fixtures. Monterey Energy also installed integrated occupancy controls with the T5HO ballasts to significantly reduce energy costs. In the facility’s dock area, Monterey Energy mounted occupancy sensors with GE UltraMax® Dimming Florescent T8 Bi-Level Switching ballasts which enables GE to dim all six lamps to 60 percent when the dock area is empty, yet automatically bring light output back up to 100 percent instantly when production resumes. The retrofit plan also included a daylight harvesting strategy with GE UltraMax T8 Load Shed 0-10v Dimming ballasts mounted close to existing warehouse skylights. When integrated with automatic photocell controls, the T8 ballasts use a light photo sensor to measure the amount of natural illumination in a space and adjust the artificial light levels accordingly. Using this strategy and technology, GE can significantly reduce its energy consumption during expensive peak demand hours.

In addition to installing new, energy-efficient, RoHS-compliant lighting at the Mira Loma Distribution Facility, saving GE over $100,000 in annual energy costs, Monterey Energy also provided a full range of professional services, including rebate processing, and ensuring compliance with the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) to enable GE to take advantage of federal tax incentives. GE was extremely pleased with Monterey Energy’s performance. “Monterey Energy professionals brought a high level of project leadership to my facility and dealt with unforeseen changes quickly and seamlessly,” says Eaton. “The entire installation process far exceeded my expectations.”

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