Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Exterior Lighting for Parking Lots & Structures

Outdoor lighting systems attract visitors with a brighter, cleaner and safer environment. By replacing older, inefficient systems with new well designed lighting solutions, you can significantly reduce your utility bills, enjoy sizable maintenance savings, and increase traffic to your location. On average, Monterey customers obtain energy savings of 50% and project payback period of less than two years with utility rebates.

LED Lighting

Installing new LED Lighting systems in parking structures, parking lots, rooftops and landscape areas presents many advantages over older outdated light sources. Energy savings of up to and even exceeding 75% are very attainable, as are exceptionally long life spans ranging from 60,000-100,000 hours. With the quality, reliability and efficiency of LED products increasing rapidly, a LED lighting system is a great investment for a building owner or tenant and sends a clear message of your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Fluorescent Lighting

Replacing existing Metal Halide, HPS, and T12 lighting with new high efficiency T8 and T5HO Fluorescent systems is a very cost effective way to cut energy usage by up to 50% while improving light output and lamp life. Well-designed fluorescent systems from leading manufacturers also provide maintenance savings with long lamp life, simple ballast and lamp replacement make systems easy to service.

Additional services available for parking structures include: electric vehicle charging stations, carbon monoxide detectors, solar and more. For more information on all the available energy solutions and incentives, contact our team of specialists at info@montereyenergy.com or 588.581.6464 and begin a free energy audit of your facility.

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