Lighting Up Inventory: Both Inside and Out

Switching to LED’s for an automobile dealer could make a huge impact, not only for safety and security, but also for showcasing their automobiles. The clean natural looking light, can easily be moved to focus directly on the inventory, showcasing each car in the best possible light.

LED’s can be dimmed at night and come to full brightness in an instant, making them ideal for security plans that link LED’s to motion detectors in dealership lots. Each car will be protected by it’s own lighted security system.

In most cases, LED’s can be attached to already existing light poles. This prevents dealerships the costly hassle of tearing up asphalt to put in new lighting. The standard dim spots in between lap poles that are common to standard outdoor parking lot lighting can be avoided because LED’s are easily focused on the exact location where light is needed.

This makes cars really pop while not compromising security.

Many Automobile dealerships might have already considered the benefits to retrofitting their outdoor parking lots by switching to LED’s. They might have already realized the potential for huge cost savings in energy bills, because LED’s reduce carbon footprint while improving safety and security.

But what auto dealers might not have considered, is the adaptability of LED’s to be used INSIDE the dealership. Energy consumption can be improved without losing light quality both indoors and out. LED’s can be used in the service department to reduce heat and reduce the need for extra fans or air conditioner. In addition, most car dealerships have high, vaulted ceilings. When bulbs need to be replaced, which happens almost daily, a lift needs to be used. This increases the cost of a normal $5 light bulb to $10 or $15.

For more information about incorporating a green initiative in to your next retrofit project reach out to Monterey Energy at or 855.581.6464.

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