Hospitality and Assisted Living Energy Markets


Electricity use accounts for 60%-70% of the utility costs of a typical hotel.


Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is one of the most impactful and quickest payback of any investment available. Electricity use in a average hotel can be reduced by up to 50% with energy-efficient lighting. Using quality long life lighting products such as LED, Induction and Linear Fluorescent provides significant additional financial benefits through reduced work orders, maintenance costs, and inventory. Our team provides proven retrofit or replacement solutions for nearly every light source including (but not limited to):

  • Exterior: Parking structures, pole & post top lighting, wallpacks, bollards, breezeways, landscape lighting, submerged pool lights, and tennis courts.
  • Interior: Recessed lighting, track fixtures, ceiling drums and bathroom vanities, occupancy sensors, elevators, stairwells, wall sconces.

HVAC & Motors

In a typical hotel, air conditioning uses more electricity than all lighting systems combined. Installing HVAC sensors and wireless receivers in rooms can save you up to 45% electricity used by air conditioners in addition to dramatically increasing their lifespan due to less usage. An in-room wireless sensor will monitor for both occupancy and temperature and keep the room comfortable while unoccupied yet still allowing guests to control the temperature when they’re in-room.

Replacing outdated PCS motors, such as 42-frame fan coils, with ECM technology delivers up to 30% watt reduction at a rated speed and 60% watt reduction at a controlled speed.


Solar energy not only sends a responsible corporate message, it also reduces your energy dependence and helps promote sustainability in your space. Incentives, rebates and financing can help lower upfront expenses for renewable energy. While the payback period may be several years, a well-designed system will provide electricity for as long as decades, and pay for itself many times over. A roof-mounted system may also extend roof life, reduce air conditioning needs, and reduce heating bills.

Water and Gas Measures

For most building managers, the cost of water is an increasing concern for their bottom line. For water heated by natural gas or electricity, even modest reduction in consumption can result in strong return on investment and reduced operating costs. Many utilities are offering low-cost or no-cost programs to retrofit shower heads, faucets, and even toilets. Monterey offers a variety of solutions to help protect this natural resource and improve financial performance.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging in the United States is growing by an annual rate of 20% over the next five years. As legislation, federal grants and environmental regulation continuing to evolve, automotive manufacturers are responding with an influx of models that operate exclusively or through Hybrid motors on an electrical charge. Customers are increasingly requesting or demanding the ability to charge their cars while home or away. Any facility focused on offering a “green” and sustainable environment will benefit from proactively providing this relatively inexpensive offering to its community.