Office and Commercial Energy Markets



The quickest way to increase property values while lowering utility costs is with an upgraded lighting system. Monterey provides efficient and cost-effective commercial lighting solutions to clients looking to take advantage of green technology to reduce their energy bills and lower overall operating costs.

Leveraging our proven expertise in comprehensive facility energy evaluations, extensive knowledge of rebate programs and tax incentives, and direct access to the latest innovations in lighting technology, we’ve helped clients with commercial facilities implement environmentally friendly, energy-efficient lighting solutions that deliver a fast ROI. Our team provides proven retrofit or replacement solutions for nearly every light source found in a commercial building including:

• Exterior: Parking structures, pole & post top lighting, wallpacks, bollards, landscape lighting
• Interior: Recessed lighting, track fixtures, linear fluorescent, occupancy sensors, elevators, stairwells, exit signs

Controls and Metering

The use of proper controls for lighting and HVAC will ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency levels and saving you money on utility bills and maintenance. Lighting controls such as occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting can also help businesses reduce ongoing energy costs while boosting productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Effective metering solutions in multi-tenant buildings provide management and building owners with the information they need to control costs, accurately allocate and charge tenants for their usage, and ultimately drive increased property values. The latest advance lighting control solutions have the ability to report this information in real-time, send alerts, monitor usage through web-based graphical interface, and give facility managers the occupancy, temperature and usage data they need to maximize energy savings.

HVAC and Building Automation

Heating, ventilation, and cooling account for 29% of the energy use in a typical office building. With just the addition of timers and programmable thermostats to shut down during non-business hours, you can see an immediate reduction in your utility bills. The latest in EC Motor technology can dramatically improve the performance of rooftop package units, fan coils, air handlers, and VAV terminal boxes.

Demand Response

In an effort to avoid outages and rolling blackouts now and in the future, utility companies are increasingly offering a wide variety of demand response programs to help customers temporarily reduce their energy usage during peak times and lower electricity costs. Financial incentives are available to customers willing to reduce their energy use during high demand hours or emergency capacity situations. Combining a demand response strategy with other energy efficiency solutions can significantly reduce your overall electricity usage and lowers operating costs.