Warehouse and Industrial Energy Markets



One of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bills, lower operating costs, and increase property values is to install energy-efficient lighting. Monterey provides proven expertise in designing and implementing innovative, interior and exterior commercial lighting solutions for clients in the warehouse and industrial environment. Our customers typically experience significant energy savings with a ROI of 50-100%, and in some cases, a positive cash flow in the first month. With a wide range of industry leading manufacturing partners, you have access to the lighting solutions and technologies — such as Fluorescent, LED, and Induction lighting — to meet your specific needs for nearly every light source including:

• Highbay
• Task
• Loading Docks
• Parking


The proper use of controls for lighting, HVAC, motors and demand response will ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency levels and saving you money on utility bills and maintenance. Lighting controls play several roles in electric lighting systems. They turn lights on and off via a switch, adjust light output via a dimmer, and provide the right amount of light where and when necessary. Lighting controls can also help businesses reduce ongoing energy costs through occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting while boosting productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Motors account for 69% of energy use in an average manufacturing plant. Installing motors with variable-speed drives will help optimize energy efficiency and reliability for operations. When combined with occupancy controls, you will see a quick ROI with reduced energy consumption. HVAC System enhancements can reduce HVAC energy needs by up to 30% with energy efficiency strategies.

Solar –Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar power not only sends a responsible corporate message, it also reduces your energy dependence, hedges against rising electric rates, and helps promote sustainability in your space. Wind turbines can also work with your space to help create energy for your facility. While the payback period may be several years, a well-designed system may provide up to 90% of your energy needs for as long as decades, and pay for itself many times over. A roof-mounted system may also extend roof life, reduce air conditioning needs, and reduce heating bills.

Demand Response

In an effort to avoid outages and rolling blackouts now and in the future, utility companies are offering a wide variety of demand response programs to help customers temporarily reduce their energy usage during peak times and dramatically lower electricity costs during these spikes. Financial incentives are available to customers willing to reduce their energy use during high demand hours or emergency capacity situations. Combining a demand response strategy with other energy efficiency solutions can significantly reduce your overall electricity usage and lowers operating costs.