Energy Control Solutions


The use of newer technologies such as Variable Speed Pool Pumps, EC Motors and Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems allow for similar functionality of your existing system but with significant improvements in energy efficiency, estimated useful life of system, and reduction to ongoing maintenance costs.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Commercial swimming pools are regulated bodies of water that require compliance with local health department codes. The vast majority of existing pool systems utilize antiquated single speed motor technology with between 1HP – 3HP of power running in many cases 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. By installing Programmable Variable Speed Pool Pump systems such as the Pentair VS+ Intelliflo, we are able to program the motor to run only at the RPM speed that is needed to meet the local codes for GPM and turnover ratios, and dramatically reduced RPM speeds while the pool is closed.

Electrically Commutated (EC) Motors

By upgrading motors to EC, a business owner can save up to $150 per fan annually on walk-in refrigerators, freezers, ice machines and display cases and more.
New technologies are available with permanent magnet design with discreet or variable speed operation. Motor retrofit solutions typically offer a payback in 2 years or less.

Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems

Underground and enclosed parking structures pose a potential serious risk when vehicles emit carbon monoxide into the space. In response to the dangers associated with this issue, building and health codes require ventilation and exhaust systems to be installed. Many of these systems are becoming old and antiquated with single speed motors and fans consuming significant energy. Through the use of intelligent controls and detection sensors that monitor the concentration of CO in parts per million and through the use of variable frequency drives adjust motor speed in real time to use only the energy that is needed to stay in full compliance with local safety codes.