Lighting Solutions



Lighting accounts for more than 40 percent of a building’s energy cost. But companies can offset up to 50-75 percent of that cost simply by installing energy-efficient lighting and controls. Monterey specializes in efficient lighting solutions that are simple and straightforward, that won’t disrupt your business and that are good for the environment. As companies seek to lower their utility bills, many are realizing that lighting is an excellent way to reduce energy costs while moving toward a sustainable future. Monterey analyzes your company’s lighting energy use and design, and provides a cost-effective, turnkey, environmentally friendly solution. Our team includes leading professionals in lighting systems engineering and implementation services to ensure your solution is operating at maximum efficiency levels and saving you money.

By maximizing brightness in various spaces with the latest LED, Fluorescent, Induction, and HID lighting options, you can lower energy and maintenance costs and improve productivity. Monterey partners with the industry’s largest and highest quality manufacturers so you have access to the lighting solutions that best match the needs of your facility. For a free energy audit of your facility, click here.

Lighting Controls

Controls work to turn systems on and off and adjust output as needed to reduce ongoing energy costs while boosting productivity and profitability.

Occupancy controls provide a quick ROI by reducing energy consumption in areas that are frequently unoccupied. Primarily used to either replace existing wall switches, mounted on ceilings, or integrated directly into light fixtures, occupancy controls detect occupancy within a designated space through passive infrared, ultrasonic or microphonic technology. Monterey Energy offers a wide variety of controls from leading manufacturers to help you maximize energy savings and peak demand charges.

Daylight harvesting (daylighting) controls provide energy savings during peak demand times when electricity costs are highest—such as during the hot summer months. Daylighting systems work via a photosensor that reduces electric light levels inside (by dimming lights, stepping them down, or turning them off) when natural daylight is available and can help reduce your utility bills anywhere from 30 to 80 percent while not sacrificing the quality of your visual environment.

Advance lighting control solutions are the latest generation of technological advancement in the lighting industry. By providing precise control and analytics of each fixture in your facility, maximum energy savings can be achieved. Most of these cutting edge systems provide web-based and real-time measurement and verification (M & V) so results are tangible and proven. Many of the products available are wireless technology and require minimal commissioning and simple installation.