Building Auditing

Before recommending any solution, experienced personnel from Monterey’s team of energy consultants performs a detailed energy audit of your facility to determine and document the existing systems. We review—in detail—your past utility bills to determine average seasonal usage and cost. To assess your company’s overall lighting, heating and cooling energy consumption patterns, an experienced evaluator tours the interior of your facility, room by room, and walks the perimeter of your building to check exterior systems. Following this comprehensive evaluation, Monterey provides your company with a full report, followed by a proposal to help you increase your facility’s energy-efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

Photometrics and Design

A good layout and design is a critical element to any energy savings project. Monterey has made significant investments in software, training and in-house personnel to provide layouts, photometrics, visual renderings, and thermal reports to insure that the proposed solutions will meet the requirements of our customers specifications. Time spent preparing a detailed design can save customers time and significant dollars by removing the guess work from proposed solutions and provides them the information they need to make informed business decisions. We provide photometrics for interior and exterior environments to supplement our comprehensive approach to energy savings.

Energy Star Benchmarking

Whether your business is manufacturing, real estate, retail, healthcare, education or government, controlling and cutting costs is important for success. Reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency is a proven strategy for cutting and controlling costs, reducing carbon footprint, and in most cases significantly increases the value of the business or property where these measures are performed. One of the challenges facing our industry is the fragmentation of information, lack of consistent standards, and simply a lack of available and transparent information. Many organizations, both public and private, have been focused on bringing this increasingly important data to the forefront. Monterey offers ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Services to our customers so you have a streamlined method of obtaining this very useful information while also staying in compliance with applicable regulations. Read More >

LEED Certification

More companies are becoming aware of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification—a third party verification program and a national benchmark for the green design, construction and operation of new and existing buildings. Monterey has expertise in LEED certification, and as a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), we can identify specific products that will help your company maximize LEED credits.