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Understanding LEED Certification

Since 1993 LEED has revolutionized the way we think about planning, constructing, maintaining and operating buildings as well as communities.

What is LEED?

According to the U.S. Building Council a LEED (which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified project is one that is resource efficient and utilizes less water and energy. LEED projects have lower greenhouse gas emissions and are over all more energy efficient than regular construction projects.

The LEED certification process uses a rating system: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Projects earn points based on several different criteria of sustainability and a projects rating is based on the number of points received. LEED can apply to ANY Building at ANY phase of development. From homes to corporate headquarters, as long as sustainability and energy efficiency are the goal, they probably qualify for LEED certification.The LEED certification process was designed with all buildings in mind, regardless of the what building phase they are in. From the design phase to historical buildings to hospitals, there is a LEED certification process for each one.

For a building project to become LEED certified there is a flat registration fee and a certification fee, which is based on a project’s size and the rating system the project was registered under. Registration fees are due at a project’s registration; certification fees are due when an application is submitted for review.

Another aspect of LEED is becoming a LEED credentialed professional. This signifies that you’re a leader in the field and an active participant in the green building movement. With more and more jobs needing green building expertise, a LEED credential shows a clear commitment to energy and cost savings and sustainability-focused organizations.

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